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    Some of the greatest features of our card readers is that they can be programmed to work with a mix of different cards so you can use small key fobs on a key ring or proximity cards to keep in ones wallet or purse. We also have systems that can work great at different proximity ranges. If you want to keep the card in your car for gate access then the proximity reader will pick it up without you taking it out of your wallet or off of your key chain.

    You also have the option of having magnetic locks fitted to the top of the door or electric locks to secure a door. Electric locks are designed for most door locks and offer fantastic security. These locks are used for indoor and they have fail safe built in system to insure fire exit paths are unlocked during emergency or power outage. There are also automatic relock settings that can be adjusted to whatever times you wish.

    Our magnetic locks can accommodate pretty much any access control door; they are more or less indestructible as they are a huge chunk of heavy machined and crafted metal. The holding force of these locks can range from 250lbs all the way up to 1200lbs, not even a crow bar can wedge these locks open, they are that solid.

    Which system is best for you?

    Stand Alone Access Control – These systems can be set up to work on just one door or many key doors in a company. Access can be granted via a PIN code with a keypad or a code and proximity card plus fob dependant on which type of card reader system is installed.

    Personal Computer Access Control Systems – Known as networked access control systems can be used to control one or numerous doors within a company. All access control offers central control by a network that is given commands through the computer to any doors you wish. You can easily program the system to allow card and fobs to be barred from doors or granted access.

    You can draw up reports to see who has accessed what areas and in addition you can program the system to control other aspects such as lifts, lighting, alarms and CCTV. All this through software updates can be integrated in to one amazing access control system.

    Some of the products we work with are the best in the business:
    • Linear
    • Edata
    • Kaba
    • Viking Security and Communications Solution